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Advocate App Overview

aa-case-managementThe Advocate Case Management App provides a number of tools to assist Advocates in preparation, case management, and presentation in Magistrates' or Crown Court. From initial Client attendance or telephone interview, the Advocate can record outcome and billing information upon a customisable Attendance Note.

Once a Client folder has been created the Advocate can reference Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines, Civil or Criminal Procedure Rules, or CPS Legal Guidance linking to any specific or alternative offences or any indexed reference.

Advance Information and Case Bundles can be added into the Client folder providing a single point of reference for all items required for a Client hearing.

The following screencast walks through the creation of a client the additional of client files and association of offences or index data to the client.

Advocate App Overview

The Advocate App uses core Apple iOS5 (or later) data-encryption technology to secure all client information including Police or CPS electronic bundles received separately via CJSM Secure eMail.

Adding Electronic Bundles & related resources

itunes-48Advance Information or electronic bundles received via CJSM Secure eMail can be easily and securely added into the Advocate App and then associated to a Client folder.

Connect to the iPad using iTunes, click on Apps, scroll down to File Sharing. Select the Advocate App icon on the left, then click Add and browse for your required client documents. Finally Sync your iPad to transfer files to your iPad.


Electronic bundles then appear within your My Documents folder and can be attached to a Client folder. Just select your Client name and star the related electronic bundle.


Client Attendance Note

Did you know that you can add your own logo to the Client Attendance note?barns-lloyd-pipps

It’s easy – just create a logo about 150px wide by 50 px high, save it as “logo” (PNG, jpg or gif) and add it into My Documents via iTunes > Apps > File Sharing. We then display your logo automatically on the Attendance Note.


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